Accelerating the green shift to a circular bioeconomy through the untapped potential of fungal mycelium

NOMY is Norway’s first research and development company that’s re-imagining a world of sustainable, bio-based materials forged from innovations in industrial symbiosis and cutting edge research.

For us at NOMY, the future is fungal. New meat alternatives, new bio-composites and new protein sources - all from mycelium (the root-like filaments of fungi). Locally produced, with no agricultural land, no chemicals, and at a fraction of the ecological footprint. Good for people, good for the planet.

To catalyze innovations for the green shift, we believe in collaboration, rather than competition. Bringing the best minds, passion and creativity together, with the resources to address global challenges that create the desired win-win-wins for our industry partner and investors, for society, and for the environment.

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